CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd is the book publisher, content producer, MCN (Multi Channel Network) media company and developer of brand new media format “cine-books”.

The company has ambitions to change the world of storytelling entertainment and book publishing industries.

The cine-book is a new type of multimedia content for individual use or in a group that combines the advantages of books and movies. It is perfect format to create audiovisual products for entertainment and educational purposes. Main types of products are:

1. Cinematic Books are products based on a book’s plot. It is a combination of an ebook, audiobook, and video. Unlike film adaptations, these products include a book’s full original content. With this approach, we are able to create long-playing, engaging series for a smart audience based on bestselling books.
2. Cinematic Stories are products based on screenplays. These stories are next-generation, photorealistic, graphic novels and a fast alternative to web-series and traditional movies.

The company developed a brand new media format and proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to distribute this new kind of content via all suitable media and channels (web, mobile, smart TV, game consoles, etc.)

The “cine-books” media format and technology are available to other publishers and content producers.

The company developed Cine-Books B2B platform to create an ecosystem for this new media format. The Platform is a virtual common ground for end-users, Indie content producers, literary rights holders, distributors, rights holders, distributors, investors, and other stakeholders who can use the platform to communicate with end-users as well as discuss, plan, and bring a new type of visual content to the market.

Innovations in the Media & Entertainment industry

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment will be able to help adapt M&E industry companies to the new industry rules.

What do we offer?

We offer unique content and innovative technical solutions together with a long-term strategy for online media, TV media, and telecom companies.

Why do we offer these services?

So you can successfully challenge your competition like well-established OTT companies, emerging vMVPDs and other digital entertainments (websites, computer games, AR/VR, audiobooks, mobile apps, social networks, e-books etc.)


- A brand-new experience for your existing audiences;
- Expand audiences with consumers who are more interested in the quality plot rather than VFX;
- Dramatic decrease of production costs for high-quality storytelling content;
- High-quality screenplays (literary IP) to produce original content;
- Power of MCN: access to a large pool of amateur and professional producers who create content that exactly meets the needs of your audiences;
- Offering an answer to the problem of audience fragmentation by giving an opportunity to each audience decide what stories are worth being filmed;
- Cost-effective involvement of celebrities in content production using 3D clones.